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Every day at CHN, we challenge ourselves to do better for our residents by innovating, sharing the power of home, and calling on the support of our community. And every donor to CHN enables us to make an exponential impact: Every dollar you give today will automatically be matched.

About the matching campaign

Thanks to a generous donor who recognizes the value of our mission, all new gifts up to $348,500 will be matched. Your donation will reach twice as far. It’s a smart investment that enables CHN to offer even more resources to our residents and make a larger social and financial impact on our whole community.

What the campaign funds

In recent years, CHN ran a pilot program designed for people with mental illness who are exiting psychiatric institutions and at risk of homelessness. The Mainstream program connected 50 people with independent housing across Franklin County. For the pilot, we significantly reduced our staff-to-resident ratios to give participants highly personalized support.

Based on the proven positive outcomes of the pilot, CHN now plans to integrate the low staff-to-resident service model throughout all of our independent housing, which includes nearly 675 people. Through this new initiative, we can assure residents of more tailored supportive services designed to help them achieve their mental and physical health goals.

As your gift doubles, CHN’s impact multiplies.

Positive Outcomes

During the 15-month pilot period of the Mainstream Program, we tracked its results. This proven success inspires us to move forward with our initiative to integrate the same service model throughout our independent housing.

  • 48 of 50 (96%) of residents remained stably housed in Mainstream or successfully exited the program
  • Residents spent much less time in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and psychiatric facilities: from a combined total of 3,142 days/nights utilized among residents in the 12 months prior to Mainstream to a total 33 days/nights utilized while the residents were in Mainstream
  • Residents with stronger relationships to mental health case managers experienced 4 fewer poor mental health days per month, on average
  • For each physical health supportive service received, residents reported an average of 1.4 fewer poor physical health days a month
  • For every $1 invested in Mainstream, there is an estimated $1.38 benefit to the community through reduced costs to public systems

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