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Change Your Mind this Mental Health Awareness Month

Have you ever heard someone call another person crazy because of something they did that seemed odd? It’s common to hear that term used loosely and not think anything of it. But for a person living with mental illness who may struggle to manage their symptoms, that word doesn’t feel great. Nor does it describe who they are or what they are experiencing.

When we use words like crazy, we further strengthen the stigma of mental illness. That stigma may cause people to be misunderstood and receive negative treatment by others.

Our role is to elevate an individual's humanity through empathy, awareness, and trauma-informed care. This is such an important role because when our humanity is seen, we can be the truest form of ourselves more freely, and sometimes that safety can make all the difference.

Person-first language helps us to honor the person/human first and recognize their condition 2nd.

  • The condition can be mental or physical illness, neurodiversity, ability, homelessness, etc.
  • Mental illness is what happens to people, it is not the totality of who they are
  • Behaviors are symptoms of an illness

Changes in language allow some of the stigma around mental illness to be lifted, which ultimately can lead to better outcomes for everyone.

CHN provides supportive services which include housing, case management and trauma informed care to not only help stabilize people living with mental illness, but to help them/their humanity thrive. When we know better, we do better and can provide individualized treatment for residents based on their unique needs.

This Mental Health Awareness month, pledge to learn and know a little more so you too can be what someone may need to experience a little more humanity and care.

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