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Impact & Stories

Impact & Stories

CHN resident sits at his desk and smiles at the camera

Meet the resilient.

Community Housing Network meets each resident where they are, so we can help them get where they want to go. And while the journey is different for each person, it always starts with home.

These are the stories of just a few people who call a CHN property home:

CHN resident Harbieh loves to decorate her home for Ramadan every year, turning her home into a beautiful, serene space for her to observe the holiday. She is an avid DIY-er, and enjoys turning thrift store and dollar store items into colorful decorations. We are honored at CHN to provide safe, stable housing for Harbieh, allowing her to practice her faith with family, peace, and community.

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Thomas has struggled for many years with insomnia and suicidal ideation after experiencing childhood trauma. He turned to drugs and alcohol to cope, and eventually lost both his housing, and his hope for the future. After experiencing homelessness for 6 years, Thomas was connected with a case manager and introduced to CHN.

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Pauline experienced homelessness throughout her life, and physical and mental health challenges made it difficult to maintain stability. She spent the two years before coming to CHN living in her car, working as many temporary jobs as she could and hoping one day, one of those jobs would become permanent. She struggled immensely during this time, saying of homelessness that “it gets to you, mentally and physically.”

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Lynn came to CHN in December 2022 when our newest building, Touchstone Field Place, was opened to residents. She had become homeless after losing her job, and sought help from a shelter where she stayed for nine months.

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Courtney and her children moved into their CHN apartment in 2017 and continue to thrive. The “mother hen” of the building, Courtney is always there to help her neighbors and even started a support group.

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Michael first experienced homelessness when he was abandoned by his family at 12 years old. Throughout his youth and into adulthood, he lacked stable housing.

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Ayaan was eager to fit in and got involved with a bad crowd, leading to a downward spiral. With support from her CHN Supportive Housing Coordinator, Simona, and NCMH, she has maintained sobriety and turned her life around.

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Rhonda spent almost 20 years in the system, bouncing around from group homes, to foster homes, and ultimately to the streets. When she received the call that CHN had an apartment for her, Rhonda was in the hospital after giving birth to twins. After 16 years and a lot of hard work, Rhonda left CHN housing and became a first-time homeowner.

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Bashir found himself homeless in 2015. During his time homeless, he encountered many adverse situations that he was forced to overcome, such as a brutal mugging that put him in the hospital. With the help of his shelter case manager, he was connected with CHN in the fall of 2017 and was able to quickly move into his new apartment on October 2, 2017.

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When she first met her CHN service coordinator, Sheila was struggling—with drug addiction, health issues, paying rent, and finding food. Sheila’s untreated addiction had led to her losing her job, a crushing blow in anyone’s life. Her circumstances, and mental and physical health, were all suffering. She needed some support to get back on her feet.

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Our impact

In our 35+ years, Community Housing Network has built more than housing. We’ve built a model that affirms the resiliency and resourcefulness of each individual we serve. We’ve built a network of expert support providers ready to fill every need. And most of all, we’ve opened countless doors for residents to build meaningful, purposeful lives.

We know that what we do works. We see it in residents who call a CHN building home for many years—and in those who leave CHN ready to rent or buy on their own. We see it in those who’ve broken the cycle of domestic abuse—and in those who nurture healthy kids in our family units. We see it in everyone who stands a little taller because they know they have solid ground beneath their feet and support by their side.

Between 2015 and 2020, an average of 96% of CHN residents maintained permanent housing, and 98% of those who moved out did not return to homelessness.

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