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Impact & Stories

CHN resident sits at his desk and smiles at the camera

Meet Joey

When Joey’s mom passed away, his security was stripped away. At just 22 years old, Joey lost the most important person in his life and his best friend. His mental health declined, and he found himself without a job, forcing him to lose his home and his beloved cats. As he tried to navigate the hardship of severe depression and grief in tandem, Joey ultimately found himself in a shelter. From there, he was connected to Community Housing Network and finally had stable, permanent supportive housing. But that was only step one, and Joey still needed help.

“The depression just got so so bad, and I couldn’t stay on meds,” Joey said. “There’s been the loss, the grief, it’s been a lot all at once, so I’ve been struggling with all of that on top of my mental health.”

Joey continued to struggle with depression and ultimately began hoarding trash. The hoarding became so severe that trash was piled feet high, and you couldn’t see the floor of his bedroom. When a maintenance person reported the violation to CHN, Joey’s property manager sent a service referral to SHC, Monica. Monica sprang into action to ensure Joey didn’t lose another home. Joey lives at an independent building, supportive housing coordinator’s typically only visit residents once a month (unless there are issues). But for Joey, Monica visits every week. Monica and Joey worked together to deep clean his apartment, and they have established a daily cleaning schedule that keeps Joey on track.

Monica’s dedication to helping Joey embodies perfectly embodies CHN's mission and what permanent supportive housing can accomplish. Joey not only has stable housing, but he also has the support he needs to thrive. Today, Joey is receiving the mental health support he needs, he takes pride in his home, and he’s working towards getting a cat again. And Monica is there to support him every step of the way.

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