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About CHN


An elderly woman with oxygen tube embraces and smiles at a younger woman who smiles back.

For more than 35 years, Community Housing Network has provided stability for those who need it most.

Community Housing Network is the largest and longest-standing provider of permanent supportive housing in Franklin County.

Since 1987, we’ve applied our spirit of service and innovation to develop and manage apartments and family homes for people experiencing homelessness with mental illness, substance use disorders, and trauma-related issues.

People who have experienced homelessness need to feel safe. People contending with mental illness, substance use disorder, or trauma-related issues often need supportive services and resources to move forward.

We start with housing because it fulfills a basic human need that then allows us to address other human needs, especially those that are complex and chronic. Once they have a home with CHN, residents can begin to feel safe and comforted, knowing they have a place to rest, recover, and reset.

Woman smiles on her couch

They can tap into a crucial support system, ready to help them overcome obstacles, sustain wellness, and achieve their aspirations—on their own time and terms. 

With each resident we serve, we also serve Franklin County by decreasing homelessness, combatting the rise of mental health issues, and creating a community in which everyone—including people with disabilities—has equitable opportunities to enjoy dignified, productive, and purposeful lives.

We do this work because home matters—to everyone. And to the most vulnerable members of our community, home is where healing starts. It is the foundation of stability and well-being—and all the opportunities that lie beyond.

Our Mission

We create homes that provide residents with the support, stability, and community connections they need to live and thrive.

Our Vision

People thrive with equitable opportunities, support, and communities that value them.

Corporate and Foundation Partners: