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Impact & Stories

Impact & Stories

CHN resident sits at his desk and smiles at the camera

Meet Thomas

Thomas has struggled for many years with insomnia and suicidal ideation after experiencing childhood trauma. He turned to drugs and alcohol to cope, and eventually lost both his housing, and his hope for the future. After experiencing homelessness for 6 years, Thomas was connected with a case manager and introduced to CHN.

He now lives in CHN independent housing. Thomas has close friends and family members who provide support, and he has developed a bond with his supportive housing coordinator, Evan. Stable housing and a strong support network have allowed him to focus on himself and his relationships, and to discover ways to manage his mental health.

Thomas found inspiration from popular videos of acrylic pour-paint art. He now uses art as an outlet to release his emotions, and is quickly filling the walls of his apartment with beautiful works of art. Though he still struggles with his mental health, he’s found that being creative “eases the pain.” In his own words, Thomas says, “I think this program has changed my life completely around.”

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